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Welcome to

Reawakened Woman

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A 10-week program for women; no matter

what your age & sexual orientation.

This 1:1 program will help you

connect with your deepest knowing.

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Reclaim Your Inner Wisdom & Voice


Help you feel confident, embodied & turned on. 

Every woman is unique in her own essence

& her own truth.


I want to help you awaken that within you.


I believe there is nothing more powerful

than a turned on woman & that's exactly

what our world needs. 


I am a freedom coach.


I help women get to know themselves

at the deepest level. 

When we connect to our sacred sexuality

we connect to our power & confidence &

we are set free. 

10 package session

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Reclaim & Awaken Your Sexuality


This teaches you:

How to heal, reclaim & celebrate

your sensuality & sexuality

so that you can always feel turned on

& empowered in & out of the bedroom.


How to maintain your self care so

that you feel consistently radiant.


6 month 1:1 coaching to help you

fully step into your sexiness.

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This course is a unique blend of 

guided inner work & embodiment practices

to help you fully unleash your natural sexiness

in a way that feels safe & comfortable.

How to truly awaken your sexual power,

expand your orgasm.

Have more confidence, more fun, more joy in your life.

You & I both know that you deeply desire love,

& to be your fullest expression of who you are

IN AND OUT of the bedroom. 


You want an amazing life & epic love!

Yet what you have been doing up until this point has not gotten you what you desire.

The truth is that you were never taught how to get what you desire. You weren’t shown how to communicate effectively, you weren’t taught how to harness your sexual aliveness, and truly own your pleasure and your body.

You want more pleasure, more intimacy, more orgasms!!

The one thing that I know to be true is that we weren’t taught how to be empowered women who deeply own their Feminine essence, & embody their sensual & sexual power.


Who listen to their inner wisdom and truth.

As I reclaimed my sexuality & created a life that made me alive, I knew I was meant to help other women connect to their deepest truth & pleasure so they can create amazing lives and be totally aligned and free.

20 session package